Training and Support for Volunteer Managers

Directors of Volunteers in Agencies, referred to as DOVIA, is a professional affiliation of volunteer managers committed to promoting the profession of volunteer management and to maintaining communication among groups working with volunteers on local, state and national levels.

Everything You Need to Know About the DOVIA Transition

Beginning January 2014, the Fort Collins chapter of DOVIA will now be managed by a leadership committee which will be responsible for planning programming as well as recruiting members. In additi
on, Denver DOVIA has partnered with Fort Collins DOVIA to provide more collaborative programming as well as the infrastructure to support operational activities, such as managing bank accounts, the website, and email communication. Within the next year, Denver DOVIA hopes to use Fort Collins as a model for other regional DOVIA chapters and create a statewide, Colorado DOVIA program. The main changes and benefits that you will see as a DOVIA member in the coming months will be:

  • Membership fee increase from $30 to $35
    • $20 of this fee will pass through to the Fort Collins DOVIA budget, $15 will stay with Denver DOVIA to cover administrative and operational costs, provide deep discounts at CCOVs and workshops (see below), and create a stronger professional organization and statewide DOVIA.
    • Denver DOVIA’s fiscal year runs from January to December so current members will be billed a pro-rated fee of $20 in July 2014 to cover membership from July 2014 through December 2014. They will then renew again in December 2014 for $35 and that will cover membership from January 2015 through December 2015.
  • Access to DOVIA on LinkedIn and Facebook
    • Job postings
    • Upcoming events
    • Discussion boards
  • Free attendance at five Idea Exchanges in Denver
    • Idea Exchanges are informal meet-ups that revolve around a specific guiding topic
    • Will take place at coffee shops, restaurants, or an organization acting as a host site
  • Heavily discounted ($10/session vs. $25/session) rate for attendance at five Education Sessions in Denver
    • Different topics related to volunteer management
    • Designed for volunteer managers with 4-9 years of experience
  • Access to member-only early registration discounts for all CCOV Symposiums and Trainings
    • CCOV has two full-day symposiums per year, one in the spring and one in the fall
  • Continued access to monthly DOVIA workshops as well as the two DOVIA social events in Fort Collins

For more information about Denver DOVIA and to view their 16-Month Strategic Plan, please click here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the transition please feel free to contact Matt Gray, Denver DOVIA representative.


For more information, click here to be directed to the  DOVIA webpage.