Eloy's Story

A boy with a supportive community

Last summer, Generation Now - a non-profit organization providing summer and after-school programs for low income youth in Harmony Village - had significant changes in staffing and coordination of their current program. This hindered their ability to serve the community, and would have resulted in losing their after-school program. As a result, more than 40 kids would not have a place to go after school.

Research shows that providing kids with a safe and supportive environment after school decreases truancy, increases academic performance, helps with emotional and behavioral problems, and improves leadership skills. These factors are critical to the goal of United Way of Larimer County and our Kids on Track collaborative team: to empower school-age youth with social, emotional, and academic skills that build resilience and success for school and life. Using an equity mindset, we support out of school activities that address risk factors, increase protective factors, promote pro-social behaviors, and develop kids' positive relationships with caring adults.

A variety of different United Way partner organizations that focus on youth have come together as part of Kids on Track, including Poudre School District (PSD), Partners Mentoring Youth, BASE Camp, CSU Campus Connections, Larimer County Public Library Districts, Boys & Girls Clubs, and Larimer County Youth and Family Services. For a full list of partners, please visit our community impact partners page.

When Harmony Village suddenly found themselves without an after-school program for their youth, Kids on Track stepped up to the plate, and recognized that existing resources that could be redistributed to meet the needs of Harmony Village.


"I have made a lot of friends since I have been going here. In Kindergarten I had no one to play with until Edgar, my best friend now, came up and said "Do you want to be friends?' and since that day we've been friends."

The Kids on Track collaborative was critical to the success of saving Harmony Village. Boys & Girls Clubs, BASE Camp, the Poudre River Public Library, and the Poudre School District all stepped in to help. Boys and Girls Clubs has taken on the logistical components of the program, while remaining volunteer-driven. BASE Camp is providing in-kind staffing and support. The Poudre River Public Library is continuing programming at the site with the potential to expand services. Their programming includes story time every week, in Spanish. Future programming could include the library’s mobile maker space, a van with 3-D printing, tools for teaching computer programming, and more. The library has also provided translation services, including materials for parents and outreach.

Not only were Boys & Girls Clubs, BASE Camp, and the Poudre River Public Library involved, but the Poudre School District stepped in as well. The Kids on Track collaborative group had a relationship with the PSD family liaison program, which was critical to the success of this collaborative work at Harmony Village. The success of this after-school program is built on existing relationships that the schools have with families in the neighborhood. School Liaisons from PSD play an integral role in identifying the right program for the right student.

The work that United Way of Larimer County has done to create the space for these relationships and collaborative groups to form is critical for organizations in our community to be able to work together. This enables them to respond more effectively to the changing needs of our community. This collective impact model lays important groundwork for how our community can respond more quickly to the needs of children and families.

According to Rebecca Toll, former Director of Community Building at United Way, "While you can't always plan for changes in community conditions, you can respond to those changes with a high rate of success if you create the system to support that work. This model lays important groundwork for how our community can respond more quickly to the needs of children and families.”

Place-based programming in our community is being recognized as an effective solution to ensure that kids have a safe and supportive environment after school. This is already creating a ripple effect. We are excited for the potential of this to be replicated across the community.

The amazing thing about this is that everyone came to the table in order to serve the kids impacted by the potential loss of programming from Generation Now, and contributed solutions that met the needs of those kids and families first. Now, they can adjust the way they work together to make that happen.

Why is this so amazing? In communities across the country, it is almost unheard of for such collaboration to take place. Historically, non-profits have competed for donor dollars and grant funding, which is often based on the number of children served, rather than the quality of that service.

We are changing the way organizations in our community serve children in need. We have turned the tables from trying to get kids to attend existing programs, to creating programs where there are kids who need them. This is a huge shift.

United Way of Larimer County cannot take the credit for all of this work. Our collaborative partners in the Kids on Track working group are what made the program at Harmony Village succeed. We want to recognize and praise our partners’ ability and willingness to step up to the plate.

THANK YOU, to all of our partners, for rising to the occasion.

We are proud to be a part of a network that is this responsive to the needs of our community, and look forward to the potential progress in our community that this kind of collaboration will prompt.