Youth Success Collaborative

What is Youth success?

The Youth Success Collaborative is a main component of our Kids on Track initiative.

The Goal: We are committed to empowering youth to achieve early grade literacy, to stay in school, and to graduate on time.

The Youth Success collaborative members are accountable to achieve the following:

  • Increase summer learning opportunities for school-aged youth – including increasing capacity by connecting volunteers to programming, reducing barriers to access such as sliding scale fees or transportation, and increasing the number of available spots by expanding physical space.
  • Increase attendance in after school programs by measuring average daily attendance, creating an age-served continuum to identify gaps and reduce duplication, and continued support in barrier reduction.
  • Increase mentoring services by connecting more mentors, decreasing waitlists, expanding the physical space, aligning background and recruitment processes, and implementing career-based mentoring strategies.
  • Increasing reading engagement programs by reducing barriers for underserved youth, increasing capacity of physical space, and integrating ‘literacy at home’ strategies.

Who is a part?