April…(snow!) brings May flowers as well as recognitions and celebrations as the flowers peek through the final dustings of snow this long winter delivered. Many of what and who is recognized in May are symbiotic with the work of the United Way of Larimer County community.

Perhaps one of the more known celebrations in our country in May, mothers across our community are showered with tissue paper flowers, custom mugs, a meal out at their favorite restaurant, or perhaps some handmade plastic jewelry with an extra sparkle of lolli-pop sticky. Among many ways in which we honor women, and in particular, mothers, UWLC is proud to honor mothers year round through programs like WomenGive (providing childcare scholarships to mothers returning to school) and the Larimer Childcare Fund, offering childcare scholarships to all mothers (and others) who can’t afford the high cost of childcare in our community.

May is also Asian Pacific Islander Desi American month. Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) encompasses people from all the Asian continent, India, and the Pacific islands of Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia. This annual celebration highlights the history, heritage and contributions of Asian Pacific American communities which are vast, including in our Larimer County Community. UWLC has been honored to work alongside one APIDA identifying community leader, Karen Wong Brown, founder and Executive Director of Unified Workforce. Karen not only provides support to underrepresented populations as Larimer County aspires towards a diverse and inclusive workforce, but she also highlights cultural celebrations, traditions and contributions of the APIDA community through events such as the Lunar New Year celebration she hosted in partnership with the BIPOC Alliance last January and AP IDA month.

Perhaps lesser known, but becoming increasingly evident, May also marks the recognition of National Mental Health Month. Just last week the Surgeon General released a statement on the devastating impact of loneliness and isolation as an epidemic in the US. In March, our board of directors learned from PSD’s superintendent, Brian Kingsley, about new data that truly shows what kids in our district need support the most and how UWLC can prioritize these important children, youth and families.

We are grateful to have you on our team—not only in May but year-round. We’re leaning into learning and action to ensure that everyone in Larimer County has what they need to thrive. Please consider supporting this much needed work by making a gift this month. Whether honoring mothers, people struggling with mental health and belonging, or elevating the voices of leaders most impacted by disparities in education and economic stability, your gift to UWLC makes an impact.

United Way of Larimer County is leaning on years of past experience and content experts to expand our work and create places and spaces of belonging, increase our support people with identities who are most isolated and underrepresented, and continue to leverage our role as convener, catalyzer and change maker in the Larimer County community.

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