We definitely missed not being able to be with you at the WomenGive Spring Social at the Museum of Modern Art during the beloved Masks exhibit last month. We know the importance of keeping our community safe by physical distancing and we hope you and your family are staying well. We may not be able to be together during the exhibit, but you can visit the Masks exhibit virtually and enjoy all the incredible designs from the comfort of your home.

As a long-standing supporter of WomenGive and the annual host of our Spring Social, we are pleased to share that starting May 6, you can participate in the masks auction until June 28. Funds raised from their auction will fund the Museum, and they need us more than ever! Please enjoy the masks exhibit and consider supporting an influential staple in the Fort Collins community by bidding on a mask today.

WomenGive was given the opportunity to include two masks in the exhibit submitted by one WomenGive Scholarship Recipient and one WomenGive Charter Member! Read on for the heartfelt stories of these artist’s mask creation, and how WomenGive has impacted their lives.

WomenGive Masks at MoA

Jennifer WoodWomenGive Scholarship Recipient and May 2020 Graduate

Jennifers Mask: https://app.bidcoz.com/moafc/masks/auction/item/37230

“I created my mask around the image of Mother Earth. My kids have become passionate about recycling, climate change, and the basics around protecting our earth. My oldest is much deeper in his thinking in regards to pollution, recycling, littering, and the list goes on.

Our family also went through our stage of Moana, and the kids always correlated Te Fiti to what Mother Earth looks like. I don’t know how I became so set on creating the mask in this way, but it was my first thought and I went with it.

I have been fortunate to have received WomenGive scholarships for a few years now. It has been incredibly important to my success in school. The social work department is small and classes are taught in specific schedules, so to take classes that were only available during my kid’s school hours was near impossible. On top of my needs, my children had become such a part of BASE Camp, and relied on that time to play and socialize outside of the classroom since my school took over our lives for a bit.

This last semester has been far from normal, but it has been very comforting still receiving communication from WomenGive, even if it is just a quick reaching out. I am starting Grad School in a few weeks to get my Master’s in Social Work so that I can work as a school social worker or school counselor. I truly believe that WomenGive is a large part of my success and ability to be where I am at in school and setting me up for success.”

Taylor Strope and Marlie Walker, WomenGive Charter Member

Taylor’s Mask: https://app.bidcoz.com/moafc/masks/auction/item/37207

“Marlie and I were honored to be able to create a mask for the Museum of Art, thanks to WomenGive! We loved the idea of doing a pour paint project for the mask because as much as you try to strategically plan for how the paint will be poured, it has a mind of its own, which makes it so unique! Marlie and I picked out the colors together, poured the paint on the mask together, and did the finishing touches together. She picked the name of the mask, Angels! Almost two years ago, Marlie had lost her dad to a motorcycle accident. Although he is no longer with us, we believe he is watching over her, which is why he is her guardian angel.

WomenGive is such a great organization, and I am so grateful to be one of the founding members. I understand what it is like to have a child at a young age, I was only 18 when I had Marlie, and raised her while going to school. Education is so important, and it is such a blessing that WomenGive can give that gift to so many hard-working mothers in the community. She wanted to name the mask in memory of her dad. We are so appreciative of WomenGive for this amazing opportunity to create art together as a mother-daughter duo.

We are thankful for all that Women Give does for this amazing community!”

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