Thank you for welcoming me as the next Co-Chair for WomenGive! It is an honor to serve an organization that I truly believe is changing the lives of women and children in Northern Colorado.

My years as a WomenGive member and volunteer have helped me prepare to take on this position. While a Member of WomenGive, I’ve served on the Membership & Events Committee, Connections Committee, Leadership Committee, and have been the WomenGive representative to support Project Self Sufficiency’s annual scholarship review. I’ve witnessed our organization’s ability to generate new ideas and bring them to fruition, including expanding our program to Front Range Community College and establishing a WomenGive endowment at the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado. I am confident that we can continue to meet the high standards and achievements set by previous chairs to impact our community in new ways.

As a serial volunteer, I’ve served on and led several non-profit projects. I currently serve on the Annual Event Committee for Neighbor-to-Neighbor, am a member of the Empowerment Council with The Women’s Foundation of Colorado, and coach U10 boys’ soccer. I spent many years active in the Junior League of Fort Collins, serving on the Board of Directors, Communications Committee, Garden Tour Committee, and Hunger Initiative. Across these experiences, I managed volunteers, coordinated committee meetings, executed strategy, and made critical decisions that impacted the current and future state of the organizations.

My personal motivation to support WomenGive stems from several experiences.

  • First, I have a deeply held belief that providing quality early childhood education for those in need will help our community flourish now and in the future. As a mom, I am hyper-aware of the importance of education and the demanding needs of our youth. It’s critical that we enable access to quality care and resources at an early age and I’m proud that WomenGive so clearly supports this mission.
  • Second, as a woman in a predominantly male industry, I have experienced firsthand the tremendous need for more women in positions that require higher education. To support and encourage women seeking degrees that could enable their self-sufficiency and cultivate women leaders is a no-brainer!
  • Last, both of my parents went “back to school” to obtain degrees as older as non-traditional students – after their divorce. Witnessing their individual struggles as both single parent and student inspires me to help those going through the same life transition.

I am extremely grateful to be a new WomenGive Co-Chair! I will leverage my experience and motivations to steer our program, make critical and thoughtful decisions, and continue the legacy set by previous chairs.


Stacey McBride

Learn more about WomenGive, a program of United Way of Larimer County, here.

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