The Community Impact Center is more than just a building; it’s a vibrant hub where a dozen nonprofits come together to make a real difference. It’s a place where accessing vital services is easier, where collaboration thrives, and where more of every dollar invested goes directly back into our community.

From Alliance for Suicide Prevention and Yarrow Collective’s mental health services to Alianza NORCO, Fuerza Latina, and ISAAC’s support of immigrant communities to United Workforce’s support of job seekers, the nonprofits that operate out of the Community Impact Center offer invaluable support to community members.

United Way of Larimer County offsets rent, training, and shared resources for the eleven partner nonprofits, so these organizations can focus more of their dollars on growing their on-the-ground impact within the community. By working together, the nonprofits within the Center are not only enhancing nonprofit excellence but also ensuring local families and individuals can easily access what they need to thrive.

But we can’t do it alone. We need your help to not only sustain and grow the Community Impact Center but also to create similar community hubs across Larimer County. With your support, we can ensure that no matter where someone lives, they can access what they need to thrive. Welcome to our Community Impact Center, where every floor is filled with change-making.

Community Impact Center Partners:

Alianza NORCO
Alliance for Suicide Prevention
Fuerza Latina
Memories of Us
New Eyes Village
Out Boulder
Queen’s Legacy Foundation
Tiyospaye Winyan Maka
Unified Workforce
Yarrow Collective

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