As a long-standing supporter of WomenGive, we are thrilled to be back at the Museum of Art Fort Collins for our annual WomenGive Spring Social during the Masks Exhibit on April 19, 2022 from 5:30 – 7:30 p.m.

WomenGive was given the opportunity to include two masks in the exhibit submitted by one WomenGive Scholarship Recipient and one WomenGive Member! Read on for the empowering artist statements and a photo of these artist’s mask creations.

WomenGive Masks at MoA

"Bad Moms" mask at MoA exhibit created by WomenGive Scholarship Recipient, Shelly Pennyworth

Shelly Pennyworth, WomenGive Scholarship Recipient 

Bad Moms is a tribute to the strong moms of the world with just the right amount of ‘I don’t care’. Bad Moms are women who don’t want to be the perfect mother, but have the confidence to just be themselves. 

WomenGive has supported me in my journey assisting me with the funding for child care that I very much need, so that I can remain in school. I have been able to get the grades I want and pursue the classes that benefit me not only educationally but on a personal level. WomenGive is an important program because it recognizes those individuals who truly deserve it and may not know that they deserve it.  To those that contribute to WomenGive and recipients like me, you are that glimmer of hope.”  

Mask at MoA exhibit created by WomenGive Member, Nicki Frank

Nicki Frank, WomenGive Member 

“Life is hard, the world isn’t always a nice place. Sometimes we all need a little encouragement. My wish for you is that you have the courage to let your dreams lay in the clouds, that your dreams be audacious, and that they be authentic to who you want to be in this world. This mask represents hope. It represents self-belief. This mask serves as a reminder that with a little courage, you can do absolutely anything. I’ll be rooting for you. 

Being a member of WomenGive means a lot to me. Not only have I personally walked journey’s similar to the women we serve but knowing my volunteer time is making a direct impact to change someone’s life is a feeling not many things can replace. I proudly serve on the scholarship and CORE committees and truly believe in the ripple effect. Time is a gift; WomenGive provides the blessing of time to parents throughout northern Colorado. By removing just one woman’s child care burden she is given the space to be a more present parent thus giving a child more quality time and attention. Being a WomenGive Member makes a meaningful impact right here in our local community.” 

Learn more about WomenGive here.

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