Join us in two active efforts to expand housing for all in Larimer County!

In fulfilling its mission to reduce tomorrow’s needs, UWLC advocates for policies that ensure a diverse and abundant supply of homes in our community. The board of directors has endorsed two active initiatives in our largest municipalities in Larimer County and invites you to join us.

Fort Collins Land Use Code Update Round 3

After 2 citizen-initiated efforts to repeal the council approved updates to Fort Collins’ Land Use Code (last updated in 1997) at its January 16th work session, City Council considered staff recommendations for revising the most recently repealed version. A third version is scheduled for first reading on Tuesday, April 2. Recommendations, while less impactful than the Land Development Code adopted in October 2022, seek to appeal to opponents’ concerns around duplexes, affordable housing development bonuses; accessory dwelling units; number of units allowed per lot size; and homeowner associations’ rights around determining types and number of units allowed. To learn more about the land use code updates, visit Land Use Code Updates – City of Fort Collins (

Join UWLC and One Voice for Housing, a coalition comprised of affordable housing providers, business leaders, and others, in advocating for a modern land use code that responds to Fort Collins growth and demand for housing for all who live and work in our community. Mark your calendars to speak on April 2nd and/or send letters of support to

Loveland Affordable Housing Task Force

UWLC’s board voted in support of the Loveland Affordable Housing Task Force’s request to the Loveland City Council encouraging them to favorably review code compliant land use proposals that increase the supply of housing in Loveland. Specifically, the task force advocates for the approval of projects that include qualified housing partnerships, generate diversified housing stock, and create homes for the missing middle. According to the task force, “Time and time again, Lovelanders say housing affordability is our greatest challenge. Let’s ensure housing creators know Loveland is open to creating the housing we need – and lead the way by voting to make strategic housing growth a reality.”

Supporters can learn more, including signing onto the letter before February 27th at and are encouraged to attend Loveland City Council on February 27th.

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