United Way of Larimer County (UWLC) supports programs and partnerships across the county that focus on Youth & Education, Financial Stability, Community Engagement and Nonprofit Excellence. One of the benefits of working in the nonprofit sector is the opportunity to meet amazing people, like Barbara Walton, who believe in giving back to our community. Barbara has volunteered with UWLC since August 2021 and currently serves as a Board Member and the Chair of our Community Impact Committee. Before retiring to Fort Collins, Barbara volunteered on the Community Impact Committee of the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas for 8 years.  

When asked why volunteering is so important to her, she explained “Volunteering gives me the opportunity to help marginalized groups and is personally very gratifying. My father was an immigrant from China, and I understand the importance of helping immigrants and, by extension, helping marginalized populations.” 

As the Chair of our Community Impact Committee, Barbara is tasked with getting to know our partners and the community’s most pressing issues. She helps UWLC direct funding and resources to local nonprofit organizations serving our most impacted communities. “As chair of the Community Impact Committee, I find the site visits with nonprofits invaluable – seeing firsthand their creative ways to help Larimer County residents who are struggling.  My committee members are dedicated volunteers who help broaden and deepen my understanding and perspective.  And working with the UWLC staff who are incredibly dedicated, capable, and enthusiastic about their mission inspires me.”  

We look forward to continuing to work alongside Barbara and our amazing volunteers as they play a pivotal role in shaping UWLC and our community.  

“Larimer County is a great community to live in and together we can help make it a place where everyone can thrive.” 

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